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Modern Software Development: QCObjects


Modern Software Development: QCObjects


Backend URL parameters for your API made with QCObjects Built-In Server

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Jean Machuca
·Jan 29, 2020·

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I'm happy to announce that since the version 0.1.45 of QCObjects CLI Tool you can use parameters inside the URL and catch them in a regular expression passing a converted object to the micro-service package:

Here is an explanation:

When you put the backend path into the config.json (server side) file like this:

  "backend": {
    "routes": [
        "path": "^/store/(?<store>.*)/product/(?<product>.*)/(?<subproduct>.*)/.*$",
        "microservice": ""

An object will be created with the properties store, product and subproduct, and assigned to the micro-service package Class instance as a routeParams property.

So, inside your micro-service you can define a get method to use the params like this:

    get:function (data){
      let microservice = this;
      microservice.body = {
            result: 'Hello World!',
            routeParams: microservice.routeParams

Then, if you visit your micro-service using this example URL:

> curl -k https://localhost/store/1/product/1234/3454/

The expected response of the micro-service would be like this:

    "result": "Hello World!",
    "routeParams": {
        "store": "1",
        "product": "1234",
        "subproduct": "3454"

In other words, you can use from a URL that is matched by a route that defines a (?<store>.*) group into its regular expression. Cool and nice isn't it?

Any regular expression group will be matched and mapped to the routeParams property of your micro-service instance.

One more power to this powerful tool!

To upgrade/update or install to the latest version of QCObjects CLI Tool, execute the following command:

> npm cache verify && npm i -g qcobjects-cli

If you want to learn more about QCObjects, go to the main reference

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