Does QCObjects work on Windows?

The answer is YES!

Since NodeJS is working on the most Windows versions, QCObjects is also working on Windows NodeJS environment. It is recommended to install the latest version of NodeJS for Windows. You can follow this great tutorial from Guru99 to do so:

Guru99 Tutorial to Install NodeJS for Windows

Once you have this done, follow the next simple steps to create a PWA on Windows and have it up and running!

Install and test QCObjects on Microsoft Windows OS

1.- Install the latest version of NodeJS for Windows from here 2.- From cmd install qcobjects-cli using npm

npm i qcobjects-cli -g

3.- Create a directory for your project

md mynewproject && cd mynewproject

4.- Create a new QCObjects Progressive Web Application

qcobjects create mynewproject --pwa


Happy coding!