Free Code Service Offer for QCObjects GOLD Sponsors!

Free Code Service Offer for QCObjects GOLD Sponsors!

Heads up! Everyone! Are you a company with more than 100 developers in your staff? If so, I’ll code in your next web project a month for free!

Yes, you read it right! I’m offering free code programming services for companies that are in the big challenge to solve Javascript code issues.

Requirements for your company to be eligible for a free month of coding in your web project:

1.- Your web project must to use QCObjects in some part of the code. It is not required that you use QCObjects in all your projects, and you’re not required to have QCObjects skilled staff already. It is only required your intention to introduce QCObjects in some part of the code of your project.

2.- Compatibility of Technologies around QCObjects: Some of your projects must to be in the path to integrate QCObjects with one of the compatible technologies/frameworks/languages/platforms like: Foundation, PhoneGap, OnsenUI, iOS, Android, Java Spring Boot, Electron, Webflow, Ionic Framework, Docker

3.- Your project and your team must to be willing to follow the standard specs ECMA262, AMP, PWA, ARIA, Microservices

4.- Your project must to be willing to implement some of the Microfrontend concepts: UI-UX, Material Design, UIKit

6.- Your project must to follow a goal that is oriented to get into a dynamic components driven architecture.

7.- Your project must to have at least a part of the code that is open source. You’re not required to share all the code of your project under open source scope or license, but at least a part of that must be free and open source.

8.- You’re required to be a GOLD Sponsor of QCObjects.

GOLD SPONSORS are companies or people that want to boost the growth of QCObjects to the highest! They have exclusive invite to all the events where QCObjects is involved. They donate USD 2.000 monthly to QCObjects by Patreon and after the first month of being a Patreon they become recognised as a GOLD SPONSOR. They will have also UNLIMITED support from 1st line of engineers including Jean (me), personally working for their applications and projects under QCObjects.

If you want to learn more about QCObjects, go to the website, follow the reference documentation and enjoy a new way to code fancy, clean and quick.

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