What is Collab for Data Science?

What is Collab for Data Science?

QCObjects Collab for DataScience is an engine that helps the data scientists to automate data processing and collaborative analysis tasks. While a combination of other tools will help you to visualise your data in beautiful charts, Collab for DataScience is focused in analysis, allowing you to write calculus and math of complex scripts for different kind of analysis as well as descriptive, predictive, trend and clustering analysis, that are running server-less and in a shared always-alive context. You can run a script and go home or for a coffee until it ends the task, and your partner can run other micro-data bots in parallel that use the data that your still-running main bot-script is creating on runtime, even if it has not finished yet.

If you use it in conjunction with QCObjects HTTP2 Built-In Server, you’re empowered to make your own data science APIs quick and easy

In order to get feedback to complete the product documentation with the features that matters the most, It is still in beta testing stage and it is being distributed as a part of the QCObjects Community Edition for FREE!

To install it, you can either use the docker image or use npm:


Demo of QCObjects Collab for Data Science youtu.be/7UnLXEdH1c0