QCObjects is being recognised as the most advanced framework for modern software development

British Herald

Today, popular and very known frameworks have popular and very known issues. QCObjects isn’t meant to be popular, it is meant to allow developers to code in a professional environment.

QCObjects is continuing its evolution to start being the next generation platform for full-stack developers, allowing them to integrate a N-Tier architecture in just one-step. My personal dream is that one day any child in any school can learn how to code using QCObjects as a part of him/her formal education.

And the community seems to be recognising the power of QCObjects! Recently the British Herald Magazine wrote an article featuring QCObjects as the most advanced framework for modern software development, what is making me very proud and happy for the millions of readers of this magazine that are learning more about my personal story and how I created this framework to make developers happier.

Thank you British Herald! Thank you all of you! You! The reader! Thank you!

Now, I am very motivated to continue my work improving QCObjects, making new features and helping developers to make the QCObjects ecosystem grow!

You can check out this article here

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